четверг, 20 октября 2011 г.

Welcome to vAcademia Virtual World

vAcademia is a virtual world for education. vAcademia offers various teaching tools. Lectures, classes, meetings and presentations are held in vAcademia. vAcademia pioneers recording of 3D classes.

пятница, 14 октября 2011 г.

vAcademia: Record your lectures in 3D and replay

AvatarGeneration publicated paper about 3D recording in vAcademia Virtual World.

AvatarGeneration is a research, news and media blog, dedicated to providing critical analysis and news on children’s new media and technology, specializing in virtual worlds.

To find out more about this, read the full text.


Mesh Import into vAcademia

vAcademia natively supports meshes in own proprietary format. Support of Collada 3D-models (like Second Life) will be appeared in next release of vAcademia. Export to Collada is supported from Sketch Up, Blender, 3dsmax, Maya and other popular 3d tools.

четверг, 6 октября 2011 г.

vAcademia - "great step forward for education" by Paul Preibisch

Paul Preibisch - an independent information technology consultant - publicated paper about vAcademia Virtual World for education. He described main features of project for educators and learners. He point out that most exciting features of vAcademia is the ability to RECORD a session AND play it back.

The main keypoint of the article is that a vAcademia project is "a great step forward for education".

Read full version of the paper:

And see the video