четверг, 4 августа 2011 г.

vAcademia - virtual world as learning envirement

See about vAcademia

vAcademia Virtual world as learning environment.
Virtual worlds provide a new and effective environment for e-learning. vAcademia - is a virtual world specially created for educational purposes.

vAcademia classrooms are equipped with educational tool sets: whiteboards, presentation screens, pointers, markers, etc.
Collaborative learning approach is favored in the virtual world of vAcademia.
Educational tools: Whiteboards Screen and applications sharing Pointers, text and voice communication. Convenient voice and text communication tools enrich the collaborative learning activity.
Every person can show up in the virtual world in the appearance he/she likes best.

Avatar customizing: lips synchronization and emotion. Avatars face animation makes communication more expressive.

Users can share their comments and impressions in the form of text, voice or graphic notes.

Navigation vAcademia maps make the navigation around the virtual world really simple.

Creating learning environment: users can organize learning space at any location of vAcademia by arranging the furniture in the way they like.
Web support of learning environment: web site supports the learning process in vAcademia by learning management system and Web 2.0 tools: community, blogs and user generated content.
Both teachers and students have access to current and previous classes.

Virtual worlds create educational environment for e-learning in 21 st century. www.vacademia.com

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