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An example of a lesson with interactive user objects in vAcademia

One of the new features of the latest version of vAcademia is implementing interactive user objects.

 Now teachers can upload their own 3D-models into the virtual world, configure and place them in a temporary location or inside a scheduled lesson. Besides it is possible to define interactive behavior for uploaded objects, for example, on click reactions such as playing sounds, viewing messages, switching into the virtcast (3D-recording), going to a location in the virtual world, opening a web-site, changing textures on a model and more.

This new exciting opportunities can be useful in many different fields: for presentation of architectural projects, software products, coursework and degree, in teaching chemistry, history and other subjects. An English lesson held in the interior of an open-air café became one of the clearest examples of the interactive user objects usage. The interior included not only static objects: the bar was decorated with rotating trays with pizza and the phonograph played soft music.

 Students sorted products, given as 3D-models, into three categories: fruits and vegetables, sweets, meat and fish, and then practiced in pronunciation of these products. Each product had a sample of pronunciation attached to it, so that the students could click on the fruit, vegetable or meal and compare their pronunciation with the ideal.

 Next the teacher suggested to view a video from English café on the interactive board and write on the whiteboard all names of the products mentioned in the video.

 The lesson continued with listening. By clicking on the radio students listened to the dialogue and were asked to determine where the dialog took place: in the restaurant, in the dining room etc.

 Café menu was shown as a separate object with pages flipping on click. Using this menu students made orders as in restaurant. They were divided into three groups according to the number of tables and a student from another group played the role of the waiter so all of them one by one made their orders.

 In conclusion, students played “Make a sentence” game, choosing words on the yellow boxes to make a right sentence about the food.

You can view a 3D record of this lesson in vAcademia virtual world.

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